Account Details: 0000061907 Traditional IRA Plan

Plan Balance:$21,655.49

Account NumberTermRateDate Opened/ RenewedMaturity DateBalance
00000619070001 4.00008/31/2005 $92.07
0000061907000260 Months7.00011/07/200611/07/2011$21,563.42

Statement of Condition for IRA Plan

Previous Year - 2005
Beginning Balance $19,655.49
Earnings $2,000.00

Current Year - 2006
Beginning Balance $21,655.49
Earnings $0.00
Ending Balance $21,655.49
Interest Earned Not Paid $0.00
Total Value $21,655.49

Beneficiary Information
There are no beneficiaries set up for this IRA Plan. To add a Beneficiary, click on the "Other Services" icon on the navigation bar, then click the "Add or Change Beneficiary on IRA" link, under the IRA Application Section.